What's More Disturbing!

Written on 7:22 AM, Sunday, October 25, 2009 by Welcome!

Here is a little game that we like to play called: What's More Disturbing!

You have to decide which of the two images that we show you if the most disturbing!

Challenger 1: Exploding Gag Goes Bad!

This poor son of a gun fell for the oldest gag known to man! His kids loaded one of his cigars with exploding flints, and he lit one up!

CLICK HERE to see the disturbing outcome!

Challenger 2: Houston We Have A Problem

The term "Prince Albert" piercing refers to a male penis being pierced. This Houston, TX man has what we call "All Of The Royal Family Since The Beginning of Time and Multiple Generations to Come" piercing!

CLICK HERE to see this piercing up close and personal!!!

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